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DIY DataRecovery.nl - software for partition recovery, file recovery, undelete, RAID recovery

 Do-It-Yourself Data Recovery Software - Over two decades of experience!
Our affordable and easy to use data recovery software iRecoverTM supports all major file systems in use today, such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux file systems EXT2/3/4 and XFS. It recovers your data almost automatically!

iRecover has everything on board to deal with all types of data loss like image recovery (free), file recovery, unformat recovery, partition recovery, RAID recovery and NAS recovery. Please try iRecover, all-in-one, multipurpose data recovery software.

  • Life time free upgrades and support!

  • Money back guarantee

  • Successfully used by thousands before

  • Does it all, from image recovery upto corrupt RAID, no other software needed

  • Supports all major file systems for Windows, Linux and NAS

  • Can handle disks with bad sectors, continues where other software stalls

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Try and buy, or buy and try? It is up to you!

If you buy now, you can start recovering your data right now. If it turns out no data can be recovered we can refund your purchase.

If you try first, you can enter a license key after you have scanned the disk. And you can then recover the data.

"I have used this it works. Buy this software http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/irecover.htm. run it. be patient. Good luck" - MARKJ

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  • Image Recovery. This mode is specifically tailored to recover digital images from memory cards, USB thumb drives and such, as commonly used in digital cameras. Can even recover data when the entire file system is gone.

  • Data Recovery for Windows and Linux. Whether you accidentally formatted a hard disk, or all data just went 'puff', use this mode to recover your data. Can also be used to recover data from reasonably intact NAS RAID sets that are no longer recognized by your NAS. Supported file systems are FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT 2/3/4 and XFS.

  • RAID Recovery. iRecover automatically figures out RAID parameters such as block size, disk order etc.. Once this scan has completed, recovery continues as if it were a single disk recovery (like Data Recovery for Windows and Linux). iRecover is capable of RAID 5 recovery with one disk missing. Supported RAID types are 0, 1, 5 and 10.

iRecover scanning a volume, doing all the hard work for you:

"I recently lost data on my RAID. I researched different solutions on the Internet and found this. http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/irecover.htm I ran it and it worked great. It ran for a long time but I recovered all my data." - (http://www.vistax64.com/vista-general/127001-checkdisk.html)

"I found a wonderful program called iRecover http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/irecover.htm It recovered all my files and I bought a new drive :)" - (http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f149/faulty-usb-drive-146976.html)

GIUDIZIO: OTTIMO - (http://www.programmipro.com/recensioni/irecover.htm)

"Toobs, thanks for that reference to iRecover. I just used it on my hard drives and got off some stuff that Recovery2000 and Get Data Back weren't able to find. I had to buy it in order to use it but it was well worth it for the data I was able to recover." - (http://thecususergroup.proboards.com/thread/2006/n5200-raid5-migration)

"...it has worked for me many times before when all hope was lost" - (http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=441978)

"I used irecover to recover data from a bad partition. It was the only software I found which could read the bad partition - others would just freeze up." - (http://www.englishforum.ch/other-general/30824-external-hd-died.html)

"I have had really good results with iRecover http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/irecover.htm, i have even recovered data from a RAID 0 volume where parts of the drives had been overwritten. sam!!" - (http://studiosysadmins.com/board/threadview/1383/)

"I have used this it works. Buy this software http://www.diydatarecovery.nl/irecover.htm. run it be patient. Good luck" - (http://bb.nsmb.com/archive/index.php?t-147551.html)

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DIY DataRecovery.nl

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Hard Disk Repair Software:


Did the entire hard disk go blank? Does Windows complain that the volume needs to be formatted? Does Chkdsk complain that the volume is RAW? This can often be fixed using our DiskPatch software!

DiskPatch will fix common problems like:

  • A corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record)

  • A corrupt partition table

  • Accidentally deleted partitions (partition undelete)

  • Corrupt boot sectors (common cause for a RAW or unformatted partition)

  • Bad sectors.  Run a surface scan and force the disk to reallocate bad sectors (bad sector repair)

DiskPatch runs from a bootable USB key and can even be used if the computer refuses to boot.

More about DiskPatch ...



Photo & Video Recovery Software:

JPEG Recovery LAB

JPEG Recovery LAB is a specialized data recovery software to recover lost photo and video files from digital camera memory cards (CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, SmartMedia, Microdrive, MMC, USB flash drives, etc.). Due to itís ability to recover even fragmented files, JPEG Recovery LAB potentially recovers more intact files than other photo, video recovery and undelete software!

JPEG Recovery LAB features:

  • Photo and video recovery

  • Recovers even fragmented files!

  • MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG-2

  • JPEG, CR2 (Canon RAW), NEF (Nikon RAW)

  • WYSIWYG Previews generated fom real data (not thumbnails)

JPEG Recovery LAB is a product from our partner DiskTuna.

More about JPEG Recovery LAB ...

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