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Author Topic: Hard Drive Code 0x70 bad secto - what to use & backup system suggestion please.  (Read 15656 times)

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« on: February 26, 2011, 08:39:17 PM »

    Good Day to you!   Cheesy

    May I get your advice if you believe any of your products will help me?  Please bear with me – as I am a newbie to hard drive configurations, cloning, and related issues.  I however, have read almost all of your forum posts, and much of your website that I could understand and a little scared of doing anything further on this.

     My XPS from Dell failed due to a video card issue and while I’m waiting for that – I used my old Dell and the hard drive failed.    On that old Dell - I do not have backups of important data for the last week so data recovery is the goal.

1.   Dell Inspiron 6400/E1505 running XP latest service packs. - OS and diagnostics on all hardware/except hard drive are okay.

2.   Dell E1505 battery died 100%, and the cord pulls out easily.

3.   Dell E1505 was running out of hard drive space and I failed to catch the last notification and fix that issue.   

4.   I lost power accidentally and it did not boot up.  (Unfortunately, advised on other web sites did the following list…) ran CHKDSK /R and the system booted up okay and all was well. I had not had time to delete files to solve the “out of space” error on the system when…   Angry

5.   Later that afternoon – the power was accidentally interrupted (AC cord issues pulled out) and could not boot up so ran the recovery console from the Dell Boot Up Disks with no luck.   Unmountable Hard Drive Error.  I DID NOT run fixmbr or fixboot or fdisk.

6.   Ran Hitachi Drive Fitness Test v 4.16 on the Hitachi 80 gig SATA (5.4 KSerial ATA – Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, Moraga Plus shipped 3/26/2006)

7.   The Drive Fitness Test responded with: One or more corrupted sectors, you can use erase disk utility or select to repair sector, but it appeared that that might erase the data so I did not do that.

8.   The Drive Fitness Test TRC (Technical Result Code) is 7000F73B, with a 0x70 corrupted sector.  A general hard drive problem was detected.


To sum it up – hard drive was full, power interrupt several times first boot successful, but when power interrupted again, I am stuck on the 0x70 corrupted sector diagnoses.   Undecided

What software would you recommend or am I out of luck?    Are these my Next Steps?

1)   I am waiting on a USB IDE/SATA connector to arrive shortly to connect the failed hard drive to another machine which runs Vista.   Does that make a difference since the my failed hard drive was running XP?

2)   Should I try diskpatch or irecover? I will be connecting by USB to the old drive. I will then, it appears – if you suggest diskpatch – I need to provide you with a copy and paste of dp.log if I can get that far?
Thanks.  I’m newer than new at this, so my apologies. Grin

Incidentally, would you have a recommendation of backup software, and/ or file transfer software system.    I tried one or two that saved the backup it appears in a proprietary format, and I’m looking for something that I can get to the files easily.   I have problems getting the backups open. 

Here’s my goal - I want to use a huge hard drive where I can easily access files that I will copy or backup from smaller hard drives.   At the same time, I want to backup my current system on that big drive.

I appreciate your suggestions! 


Developer and Support Tech
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« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2011, 04:10:19 PM »


If we're dealing with corrupted sectors we'd like to see a disk health report, and a read-only surface scan:


7.   The Drive Fitness Test responded with: One or more corrupted sectors, you can use erase disk utility or select to repair sector, but it appeared that that might erase the data so I did not do that.

Good call. A DiskPatch read/write surface scan has the same effect as the erase feature of drive fitness as it will force the disk to reallocate bad sectors. Unlike the erase utility however DiskPatch will not harm intact sectors: their contents remain as they are.

Even more safe is to clone the disk instead: the source disk is not touched at all (other than DiskPatch trying to read it), while all readable sectors are transferred to another disk.

In general, power interruption will result in corrupt sectors, that does not have to mean however that the disk is now unreliable.

Kind regards,
Joep - My blog @: www.disktuna.com - Try my JPEG Repair Tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIUq03Deyy0

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« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2011, 02:55:08 PM »

Thank you Joep for replying so quickly.  I really appreciate it.  Cheesy

I just received the IDE/Sata USB connector in the mail so I can connect the bad drive to another machine to provide you with the reports.

I will read the two links you provided in full and do what they advise, and perhaps that will tell me how/when to clone the disk you mentioned in a latter paragraph. (I am a newbie to this.)

In the meantime, I will provide you with a disk health report and a read-only surface scan you suggested.
I hope to do that today/this evening and provide that to you as soon as I figure this out between other mandatory work projects today.

Thanks again Joep!  It's a delight to find a company that provides prompt support prior to product purchase.



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